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Making History with Mindcraft

By Abigail Roper

Did you know you can learn history by playing video games? I have learned it through a gaming class and the game is Mindcraft. In this class, we build and explore. Right before class, my teacher, Miss Gracie, gives us the fun new lesson. She is the best! One time, we learned about the Medieval Villages in Northern England.

There were five jobs: Sheppard, Taking care of horses, Fisherman, Farmer, and Miner. If you want to travel by water, you have to build a boat. All you need is a crafting table and some wood. If you have extra time at the end of class, you can just play and explore. When I started this class, I was new to

Mindcraft and now I am excited to have a new game to play! I also made new friends and that makes me happy.

I love this class and hope you will join!

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