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by Abigail Roper

Remember in the first Jumanji movie when the board game came to life? Well, that’s what we do with books in the class, Books Beyond the Pages. In this amazing class, we read a book, learn about history and geography, do fun art projects, make a story map, and the last thing we do is cook a fun dish. For example, we read a book called Papa Piccolo. This book is about the adventures of a stray cat living in Italy. We learned about the country of Italy and its landmarks.

For the art projects, we made the Italian Flag and the Leaning

Tower of Pisa. I had so much fun with my group using sticks and connectors to make the Leaning the Tower of Pisa. We used the long sticks for one side and shorter sticks for the other side so that it would lean but still stand. We were really proud of our structure. After that, we made our story map. This is when we write about the beginning, middle, and end of the story and give our opinion of the book. Lastly, we made marinara sauce to put on pasta. The fun part of the pasta is that it was cat noodles.

Miss Andria and Miss Darlene are very exciting and amazing people. They are silly, fun, creative, and thoughtful. Every Tuesday night I look forward to going to class on Wednesday.

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