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Jump in, let's go for a ride!

By Sheamus Carlson

Tinkerlab is a science and Robotnik class at Rock Creek. The teacher is Mr Jim. My favorite thing is to “Crack it Open.” Cracking it open is when we break old electronics open to see what's inside of it. We’ve taken apart a TV, keyboard, computers and a speaker. My favorite thing to take apart was the TV. We used all different kinds of tools like screwdrivers, magnets and pliers. Inside the TV, we found control panels, wires and background lights. I had so much fun taking apart things at Rock Creek that my Mom gave me her old college laptop and I scrapped it to bits. I broke the laptop into so many pieces you can’t even tell it used to be a laptop.

I’m always excited to go back to Tinkerlab. Right now we are working on a frog bot. A frog bot is a robot that moves like a frog. We use things like motors, batteries and wires to try and make the robot jump. It needs a motor and a battery to make it move and we have to figure out how to wire it together the right way or else it won’t work. I wish it could be my pet, I would name it Johnny, but I don’t think my mom would like having something jumping around the house.

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