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  1. What is the overall mission of the program? Our mission is to provide a community for homeschool families. 

  2. Can you choose only 1 class? Yes, students can make their own schedule. 

  3. How many students are in each class? We have a maximum of 12 students per class. Some middle school and high school class may reach 14 students. 

  4. Can I use Educational Funds for classes at Rock Creek? Rock Creek is a vendor with: Cabrillo Point Academy, Compass, Elite Academic Academy, Sun Coast Academy, Freedom Academy, Mission Vista Academy, SoCal Scholars Academy, Dimension/Element, Pacific Coast Academy. 

  5. What is Rock Creek’s enrollment process? Once registrations are open you can use the link under “Registration” and fill out your registration form. Once you receive your confirmation please let your charter school know that you will be taking classes at Rock Creek. 

  6. Can we tour the campus and meet with teachers or administrators before making a decision? You can tour our campus. Please contact Therry Boissonneault 949-521-0040

  7. Are students allowed to have their cell phones in class? No, Cell phones must be turned off in the backpack at all times. 

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