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Registration Process

1- Take a few minutes and choose which classes your student wants to sign up for. Make a list       of you choices for each hour. 
2- Under the Registration tab, select "Waivers and Forms " please fill out the form. 
3- Under the Registration tab select "Pay Registration Fees".
4- Once registration opens you may use the Tab called "Register For Programs" and Select             the day or Days of the week that you want to sign up for. 
5- Once you complete the registration you will receive and invoice, please send the invoice to        you Educational Adviser at your charter School or go to the HUB on your Charter School            website and let them know that you are going to take classes at Rock Creek. 
6- Rock Creek will then communicate with you regarding details about the semester. 

Get in touch with Rock Creek!

For more information or to connect with us please fill out the form below:

Thanks! Message sent.

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