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Jewelry, Treats, and Crafts Oh My!

By Abigail Roper

Imagine you could make money with your hobbies! Well, you can at the Makers Market. For example, last semester I made rubber band bracelets called Rainbow Loom. I made different colors and fun patterns that looked really cool. Other kids made jewelry, fun arts and crafts, and food like pizza and cookies and other treats. I love the excitement of people looking at my bracelets and being with my friends selling our stuff. Makers Market is a great lesson on how to be an Entrepreneur. I learned how to decide the best price for my bracelets by writing down how much the material costs and how much time it took for me to make each one. Then I figured out what price was fair for my hard work and what

price was fair for the customer. My favorite part is, once I make money, I like to walk around and buy stuff from the other kids. Everyone makes such fun, amazing things. At the end, I feel so proud of myself and all the other kids for all of our hard work and creativity.

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