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Do You Want to Know My Secret?

By Sheamus Carlson

How did I get in to this fix? When I was younger I watched Bear Grylls and I loved it. Then my mom bought me a Bear Grylls survivalist handbook. My favorite page in the book was about shelters. The type of shelter you choose to build depends on your resources, location, and weather. The best materials for shelters are sticks, moss, clay and leaves. The most recommend shelter by bushcrafters is the lean-to, which also makes it my favorite. This how to

make a lean-to:

  1. Find a thick tree branch coming straight out of the tree.

  2. Lean sticks against the branch at an angle.

  3. Cover the branches with cloth or natural material.

I am working on a lean-to right now and when I am working with my hands, it makes me feel free. I enjoy the outdoors and learning how to use natural materials to make things. Bushcraft is fun!

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