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Good Times With Therry

By Zoe Winenger

Let me tell you about the amazing creator of Rock Creek. Her name is Ms.Therry and everyone here loves her. She is the heart and soul of our school. Ms.Therry is the most thoughtful, hardworking, creative woman I know. She is emotionally connected to Rock Creek and even wrote “The Four Agreements”:

  1. Be impeccable with your words

  2. Do not assume

  3. Do not take things personally

  4. Always do your best

Ms.Therry is always there to answer any questions. I have been at Rock Creek for four semesters now and I have grown very close to Ms.Therry. It is because of her that we are one big family. She deeply loves hearing the students at Rock Creek are enjoying their schedule.

Seeing happy people and kids in general always makes her smile. Some of her favorite things to do are mountain biking and gardening. She would like to be remembered for loving unconditionally no matter what. Ms. Therry would love to thank all of the teachers at Rock Creek, because without them, this would be impossible. Her advice to any parent would be to enjoy your kids while they are little because time flies!

Ms.Therry is an amazing woman who deserves the world.

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