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This Is My Call Of Duty

By Zoe Winenger

“If you don’t sacrifice for what you want, what you want will become the sacrifice.” - by Jenn Shetty

I love this quote because it explains how important doctors and nurses are and the sacrifices they must make in order to save the lives of others. My dream is to be a nurse for the US military one day. Medical Science is my favorite class and the teacher, Miss Megan, is the best! We learn C.P.R., first aid, and advanced first aid. We have a huge kit of supplies and a dummy named Bob. We practice how to work with stitches, bandages, slings and more! My favorite lesson was C.P.R. I definitely recommend this class. Everything is much more simple and fun than expected. This class has brought out the best in me and it has led me on an amazing path.I know THIS IS MY CALL OF DUTY.

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