Fall 2020 Class Descriptions

Below are the descriptions for the classes we will be offering in the Fall. If you would like a printable PDF, click the button below.

Class Descriptions

3D Printing with Tinkercad (Grade 3-12) Mister Jim

This class is an informative adventure into the world of 3D Modeling and printing. You’ll learn how to use a modeling software, and then turn those 3D models into “life”. We will dive into some amazing projects like making a 3D printed rocket that can fly, making jewelry and other awesome projects. If you want to learn about this amazing technology in the modern era, this is the class to take. 


All Things Fun (IEW) (Grade 3-6) Miss April

Using the IEW source book “All Things Fun and Fascinating” students will learn the fundamentals of the IEW writing process while exploring the necessary grammar for success. “Humorous characters, cunning creatures, and meritorious men of history” embody this writing source. Students will take notes, summarize narrative stories, write from pictures, put together a mini-research report, and compose creative essays. 


American Sign Language - Miss Leigh

Please join us in learning to sign! We will be learning words and phrases in American Sign Language along with some ASL culture. 


An Adventure in Hawaii (Grade 1-3) Miss Lakeisha

Aloha! Discover the fun history and culture of Hawaii. Through art, music and learning worksheets we will learn about Hawaiian traditions, make leis, and create Hawaiian dishes.

Animal Drawing - Miss Gracie

If you love drawing animals as much as I do, you’re going to love this class! I’ll be showing you how to find simple shapes in any animal you choose, making it easier than ever to draw your favorite animals. I will be helping you create anything from cute little purring cats that sit in your lap, to great, fire-breathing dragons soaring through the skies!


Art of Entomology - Miss Gracie

In this class, I’ll be showing you how to draw the bugs you study in Mrs. April’s Entomology class! I’ll break down the construction of different insects into easy shapes, and show you just how simple it is to draw bugs. Soon, you’ll be able to sketch any insect you want, with hardly any help! If you’re interested in studying and drawing creepy-crawlies, be sure to sign up for her class and this one!


Beginner Acoustic Guitar (Grade 6-12) Mister Tyler

In beginner acoustic guitar students will gain a basic understanding of guitar chords and music theory. A great place to start for students that have never picked up a guitar before. Basic materials needed: An acoustic guitar, a guitar tuner, guitar picks and a guitar capo. Any questions about materials please email Tyler at - hobbster13@gmail.com.


Beginner Ukulele Class (Grade 3-6) Mister Tyler

In beginner ukulele students will gain a basic understanding of ukulele chords and music theory. A great place to start for students that have never played a ukulele. Basic materials needed: An Ukulele guitar, a ukulele tuner. Any questions about materials please email Tyler at - hobbster13@gmail.com (You can use Rock Creek’s Ukuleles for class)

Chess - Mister Tyler

One of the oldest and most popular games ever played. This class is an introduction to chess strategy and competition. Students will learn the fundamentals of piece movement, as well as strategies regularly practiced by the pros to ensure more competitive gameplay. 


Clay Hand building and Sculptures

This is a hands-on class where students will explore and learn about clay hand building and sculpting techniques while creating fun clay projects. Students will make pots, animals, masks, flowers, and many more projects using clay. They will learn coil, slab, wedging techniques. Each student will work at their own pace and frequently be given free project choice to fulfill their curiosity.

Clay/Play Dough and More With Miss Lakeisha

This class introduces kids to the fun and wonderful world of clay, play dough and art.

Students will create exciting projects using hand techniques such as pinching and coiling. This class will focus on creativity and the endless possibilities of clay and play dough. 


College Prep Chemistry/Get Ready for Chemistry 101 (Grade 7-12) Miss April

Prep for Palomar Chem 100 gives students the necessary skills to pass CHEM 100 at Palomar College. Chemistry 100 at Palomar is an introductory level of Chemistry comparable to High School honors Chemistry. Students will meet weekly on Mondays with Ms. April for review of concepts and Lab experiments. Students will have required reading, videos and homework due each week in order to successfully participate in discussion and Lab. This is a full 2 semester commitment. Each week builds on the information from the previous week. After completing this course, with complimentary work done at home, the student should be able to take Chem 100 (4 units) at Palomar College with much success, securing a great grade. Prerequisite: Physical Science or Biology


Comic Book Making - Miss Gracie

Comics are a great way to tell others about the stories and characters and worlds whirling around in your head, just waiting to be let out. They’re fun, exciting, easy to read, and the pictures simply drag readers right into the story. In this class, I’ll show you how to introduce characters, their environment, their struggles, and life stories, and put them all into a comic that is all your own!


Coding with Scratch - Mr. Jim

Scratch is a graphical programming language, where students will drag and drop code blocks to make a range of programs, including animations, stories, musical instruments and games.

Students will learn coding concepts and create interactive projects without needing to learn a text-based programming language. This means they won’t be slowed down by their keyboard skills or the ability to remember complex code. Through programming with Scratch, students will improve their problem solving skills, increase their creativity, become better at communicating ideas.

Debate (Grade 6-12) Miss Chad

In this class students will learn the structure of arguments, refutation and persuasive speaking. The goal of the debate class is to boost students’ confidence and self-esteem and encourage them to engage in the rational exchange of ideas. This class will help sharpen the student’s critical reasoning skills and engage in constructive discussions. 

DnD Role Playing (Grade 7-12)

We all love books and films, but have you ever felt like you wanted to be the main character? Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) is a roleplaying game where you create your own character and embark on an epic adventure in different worlds. For a more immersive storytelling/acting experience, Roleplaying is the place for you!   


Doing Art With Wonderful Artists (Grade 6-12)

The goal of this class is to introduce students to wonderful artists that produced amazing work but are not necessarily on the list of the most popular artists in history. Students will produce their own art inspired by the artist of the day. 


Drawing (Grade 3-12) -

If you aren't confident in your drawing skills, do not worry! We have countless images that you will be able to draw beautifully following step-by-step instructions. Even if you have zero experience drawing, you will be surprised at your own ability to create a masterpiece!

Entomology (Grades 3- 7) - Ms. April

What is Entomology? The study of bugs! This class will cover a new type of insect each week, examining the habitat, behavior, exoskeleton, dietary habits, and classification. There are over 900,000 different kinds of insects in our amazing world! There is no way to cover them all, however we can cover some of the most interesting, clever, and coolest of the various species. This class is sure to “bug” you! Be sure to pair this class with Ms. Gracie’s Art of Entomology, where she will instruct you on how to draw the bugs we study!

Fairy Tales on Trial - Ms. Ellen

Should Jack go to jail for stealing from the giant? What about Goldilocks? Students will take on the parts of lawyers, judges, defendants, jury, and so on when we put some of our most famous fairy tale characters on trial for their crimes.


Film Analysis (Grade 7-12) Miss Chad

This course is designed as a general introduction to film analysis. The main objective will be to help students develop the analytic tools necessary for understanding how meaning is constructed in narrative cinema. A film will be assigned each week and discussed in the following class, along with viewing key scenes, to analyze different aspects of the message that is delivered through the medium of film.

Game Programming With Kodu (Grade 2 - 5) Mister Jim

Kodu is an incredibly powerful, yet easy to understand, game development platform from Microsoft. Students will develop their own 3D games in an individual or team environment. In the several years that I have been teaching this class I have always been amazed at the creativity and deep level of thought that the students have applied to the games that they have created.


Greek and Latin Roots (Grade 3-5) Miss Chad

Greek and Latin are the building blocks of the words of our language. By studying Greek and Latin prefixes, roots, and suffixes, children not only build vocabulary skills, but also learn to figure out the meaning of new words. This class will incorporate fun activities and games. 


IEW A World of Fun Writing (Grade 3-5) Ms. April

Based on the style and structure taught by the Institute for Excellence in Writing, young students will move through many of the IEW Units and stylistic techniques for various writing purposes. Sources will be exciting, original and vary - no book is necessary. While exploring this wonderful world and everything in it, we will build student’s vocabulary through the year as well as examine the grammar necessary for successful writing. Join us for a fun and challenging writing experience.


Intermediate Acoustic Guitar (Grade 6-12) Mister Tyler

A group acoustic guitar class for students that have already completed the beginner course. Students will be introduced to more advanced chords and delve deeper into music theory. Playing to rhythm will be heavily emphasized! Materials needed: An acoustic guitar, a guitar tuner, guitar picks, guitar capo and a metronome.


Lego Studio (Grade 3-6) Miss Megan

In this class, we will be exploring the wonderful world of Legos, challenging the imagination to define how a simple Lego brick can be used. This class will push students’ creativity and allow them to express it through their lego creations, giving them the confidence to put this into practice and showing them that their creativity knows no bounds.

Manga Drawing (Grade 4-12) Miss Gracie

Manga is a fun and beautiful art style! It can be both cute and epic, and I’m eager to show you the ins and outs of drawing in this creative style. I’ll help you make your very own Manga characters, and even show you how to easily and quickly draw characters from your favorite Anime! I’ll even show you how to pose your characters as a final step, be it an action pose or a cute wave!


Medical Science/CPR/First Aid (Grade 3-7) Miss Megan

In this class, I will be teaching students life-saving skills, and yes I mean that literally, this class focuses emergency response to various emergency situations, while this is not a certification course it will give your students extensive knowledge of the emergency procedures, explore the different career options in the medical field and help them explore various topics in the wondrous world of medical science. Medical Science is my passion. I am currently a Certified First Responder, and am taking my first steps to get into nursing school. I plan to share my extensive knowledge that I have gained through my many hours of certified training and self-study. 

Musical Spanish (Grade TK-K) 

(Description coming soon)


Oasis/Study Hour (Grade K-12) 

One of the definitions of the word “oasis” is: something that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast… that is what we will be offering for students that want some time to create their own work. It might be for homework, drawing, reading or working on the computer. You can bring your own work or we will provide some activities.



Odyssey is an enrichment program created to supplement or complement what you do at home. In an environment where kids can thrive while spending time with friends. The focus will be on academic concepts in a playful and relaxed environment. Classes will include arts and crafts, board games, puzzles, science experiments, outdoor play, mini figures, and teaching games.


Over-Engineering with Rube Goldberg (Grade 2-5) Miss Chad

Taking the concept of the simple machine made from random items to achieve a certain task, students will construct and create their own designs during each class. Certain weeks will include a challenge that students can participate in or just create their own ideas through imagination and play. A wonderfully creative way to stretch brain muscles and collaborate with others.


Painting (Grade 6-12) Miss Dee

“Students will enjoy learning different drawing and painting techniques such as shading, lighting, color mixing, etc. while using different painting media like acrylic, watercolors, color pencils, etc. Project will include landscape, still images, animals and birds, human faces, cartoons, etc. Different approaches will be taught such as step-by-step method, transfer method, or free drawing.”

PE: Self Defense (Grade K-12) Key Martial Arts

Martial Arts, teaching focus, body controls, fitness, self defense, self confidence. 

Piano, Beginner (Grade 1-5; Ages 6+) Mr. Matthew

This class is for those wanting to begin in the wonderful world of music! Piano is the place to start being visual, working both hands, and covering both sides of the brain (creativity and organization). Your child will begin learning the basics of reading, writing, and playing music through the piano. We will be learning beginner theory and professional performance. This will include games, theory, basic note reading, classical and pop songs! 


Programming with Kodu (Grade 3-12) Mister Jim

Kodu is an incredibly powerful, yet easy to understand, game development platform from Microsoft. Students will develop their own 3D games in an individual or team environment. In the several years that I have been teaching this class I have always been amazed at the creativity and deep level of thought that the students have applied to the games that they have created.

Public Speaking (Grade 6-12) Miss Chad

Discuss the importance of and learn tools in the everyday skill of public speaking. Students will be required to write their own speeches, along with finding pieces from other speakers/authors that resonate with them, to present in class. We will work on constructive ways to strengthen confidence and presence when dealing with both everyday situations and speech presentation. This class requires participation from all students in order to gain the skills of public speaking.


Rube Goldberg (Grade 3-6) Miss Chad

Taking the concept of the simple machine made from random items to achieve a certain task, students will construct and create their own designs during each class. Certain weeks will include a challenge that students can participate in or just create their own ideas through imagination. A wonderfully creative way to stretch brain muscles and collaborate with others.


Science Experiments For Little Ones (Grade K-2)

We will do science experiments after science experiments… and more science experiments… 

Show Me a Story - 

Children will use a variety of mediums such as wooden disks, necklaces, stones, and glass jars to tell a story. They will use their own lives, imaginations and experiences to express a story without writing.  This course helps students meet a variety of language arts standards.


Slime and All Sorts of Sensory Activities

This is a sensory class that will provide the opportunity for students to explore and experience different textures and materials. We will make slime, oobleck, scrubs and more. We will also use essential oils to enhance the sensory practice. This class will be messy! This course helps students explore math and science standards for measurement and states of matter.


Stop Motion Movie Making (Grade 4-12) Mister Jim

Students will create stop action movies using various materials to include 2 dimensional paper scenes and quickly advancing to more complex scenes with lego sets and people. They will start out learning the basics of movie editing with Microsoft Movie Maker followed by more complex movie creation in a fun and entertaining atmosphere.

Study Hour

It is a time, in a quiet place for your students to be supervised while doing their school work. 


Short Film Production (Grade 6-12)

In this class we will talk about core concepts of storytelling, classic story structure, and the nuances of putting together a story in the unique medium of film.  Students will learn about the three-act structure, writing scripts, as well as more technical conventions of film and their purpose in story telling (such as lighting, camera angles, types of editing, etc).  In the class students will get opportunities to write short scripts, create character bios, storyboards, and plan lighting and shooting set-ups.

Teen Art Tour (Grade 6-12) 

This class targets teenage students who will explore different art media and projects each week in a relaxing and inviting setting. They will experience clay handbuilding, drawing, painting, ceramics, and much more.


Teen Improv (Grade 6-8) Miss Lakeisha

Warren Buffett told business students that public speaking is the most valuable skill they can learn. Improv is a short way to say improvisation. In this class, we will play games where students will have to think on their feet to come up with a clever reply or a funny sentence that will fit the response needed for the monologue or dialogue. In this class laughter is in the front row seat!!

Kids learn to take risk in a safe environment in front of an audience that will respect and support them. Students learn to spontaneously create characters, situations, and settings. 

No theater experience is required. This class will focus on:  speaking skills, team work, trust, speed and active listening. 

Tumbling (Grade 1-2) 

(Description coming soon)

Tutor with Miss Elaine (Grade 3-12) Miss Elaine

“I offer 1:1 instruction in Reading, Written Language, Math and Organizational Skills, designed to address the individual needs of your child. I am a retired classroom teacher with over 40 years experience in Special Education, General Education and tutoring. I have taught students from Kindergarten through High School and worked with a broad range of student abilities. Private tutoring is a great way to improve academic skills in a positive, nurturing environment.”  


Tutoring with Ms. April (Grades 5 - 12)

Available for Pre-Algebra, Algebra, Latin, IEW & LTW Writing, Sciences, Logic, and English Grammar tutoring one-on-one. Successfully homeschooling and graduating students of my own and others, I can offer your student the personal time and attention needed for multiple subject matters.


Ukulele - Mr. Tyler

(Description coming soon)

Young Poets, Songwriters and Storytellers (Grade 6-12)

This is a project based course in which students will get the option to try out new creative mediums in the beginning of the semester (poetry, songwriting, and storytelling), and will then go on to choose a focus for the rest of the semester. Students will learn more about the creative writing process both through writing themselves, and peer editing others’ work. By the end of the semester, students will have a polished piece or collection of pieces that can be kept for years to come!


Rock Creek is a drop off enrichment center for homeschool families in the San Diego North County area. We gather under one roof vendors from different specialties so we can offer a full day of learning. Students have the possibility of selecting one class or a full day of classes or even two days of learning. Our vast selection of classes in the discipline of the performing arts, visual arts, culinary arts, technology, science, math and much more allows students to build their own schedule based on what they really enjoy learning. 

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